Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nothing outstanding to say...

Well, I have to admit something....since Stuart's birthday last December I haven't posted on our blog....I have this THING about blogs.....I never want to sound like my life is oh so interesting and that it is 'such the place to check' out news....BUT I do understand when family and friends are scattered across states and want to keep up with your daily humdrum and pic's of the kids. I may sit down and try again to see if I can add pictures and make it pleasing to the eye....I guess I will have to let my children out of their cages for some quick pictures.....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cheers for the birthday bowlers

So here are the crazy boys after hours of bowling, pizza, cake and arcade games. Fun was had by all but we sure slept good after this night!!

Stuart turns 8

Here is the birthday boy with his friends at the bowling alley. Please don't think of anything else when looking at this cake other than its intended replica of a bowling lane. The kids all struck a 'pose' while trying to THROW their ball down the lane. Can't believe our boy is eight.

Friday, December 7, 2007

The crazy boys soccer team that I mentioned in the other post...well, this is them at the end of the year party. They are wild and crazy but a fun bunch of kids.

SHOCKERZZZ U8 boys soccer...Stuart's end of season party with his coaches. These are the only pictures I got as I was one of the coaches and I guess I didn't take this one either!! Thirteen crazy boys was too much for me.

WILD PONIES U5 girls. What a fun first season of soccer for Sydney. She had a great time with great coaches. I could hardly stand sitting and watching as they run in a pack all over the field but that is how they learn and they all had so much fun together.